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Project Summary

We did not hesitate a second when the sustainability network asked us for help. Simon Neitzel, the CEO and founder, and his team are doing a great job. The Organisation is located nearby the Lake of Constance in the so called »Vier Länder Eck« with Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Above all, the movement is busy recruiting new members and organizing extraordinary events and lectures. wirundjetzt.org develops many alternative strategies in economics, ecology and social affairs. Simon and his team asked the #DACA to sharpen their communication tools and to give the organization a new look. And so we did! First we developed a new Corporate Design. In the next step we have transferred this to the new homepage and equipped the online presence with some important features. We have integrated a comfortable event calendar, which automatically informs the many visitors about upcoming events. In addition, we have built a dynamic donation form, so that the organization, which employs only honorary employees, eventually takes some money. Here it goes to wirundjetzt.org and the donation formula. Prints such as posters, flyers and brochures were also designed in the new corporate design. the #DACA is convinced of the work and goals pursued by the organization and will continue to support Simon and his team in their valuable work. Non-profit, of course.


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