#DACA – The DAC Cooper Agency

German HIP HOP

Project Summary

This was great fun, when the #DACA was asked to prepare a communication strategy and corporate design for PLUTOKS, a young german hip hop formation. The guys are pretty cool  and  needed to get a cool band image as well. Our approach was quite simple, obvious and triggered by the band’s phantasy name. The name PLUTOKS similarily sounds like Pluto, once the smallest under the planets and accordingly called the »dwarf-planet«. Times have changed and we heard that meanwhile, from a scientific point of view, the Pluto is no longer a planet but a STAR. It couldn't be better – our idea was born! We had the concept and the strategy for the »Planet Dwarf Tour« by PLUTOKS. Moreover the journey hasn’t ended yet. At the moment we are thinking about having even more »dwarfs« on stage. Therefore we have designed three cute cartoon-characters as mascotts of the band. We intend them to be starring in a huge video-projection on stage. Our idea is to synchronize the moves the of the mascotts with the hits of the base drum and let them jump over the stage. Could be galactic! 😉




Corporate Design
Character Design
2D Video Animation