#DACA – The DAC Cooper Agency

Colour Management Systems

Project Summary

The #DACA was asked to prepare the complete brand-relaunch on the occasion of the HKS 40th anniversary. We started describing the brand’s core themes with a perfect slogan, which we added as a fixed part to the logo. With »matching colours« we exactly »hit the spot« and accordingly we defined a new peer group strategy. »Solely the responsible graphic designers will decide, which spot-colour at the end is to be printed«. That was the fundametal idea of the communication concept. The task was now, to bring the HKS promotional tonality on a par with the creatives and designers. For this purpose we developed the »HKS-Colourgeneration-Campaign« in the style of the »Flower-Power-Generation« of the late sixties. This legendary style of youth-culture was once changing the world. Just at the time when HKS was founded –not in the »SUMMER of 69«, but in the late 1968. This was coherent and logically and we »hit the spot« once again. The campaign was all-embracing: A new mircosite with funky online features, a packaging design for the HKS 3000+ software, an advertising campaign with posters and ads, et cetera. Finally we developed the »HKS Colourmatch«, a periodical which is quite entertaining by playing with spot colours and typography. This was very successful and generated over 3.000 new subscribers for the brand.


Concept & Strategy
Style Guideline
»HKS Colourmatch«
User Interface Design